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BG-EHS Practitioner Service (Hourly Rate for 2 Practitioners)
BG-EHS Practitioner Service (Hourly Rate for 2 Practitioners)

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*** This hourly service rate includes 2 practitioners (or 2 practitioners assisted by a practitioner-in-training). Added costs may include travel time ($50 - $75 per hour) from Midtown Manhattan in New York City.

A home should be an oasis for rest, healing, and growth, where we recover and re-energize before the start of a new day. Unfortunately, there is growing evidence that our modern home environments are more toxic to our health than ever before. We are becoming more and more disconnected from the natural energy dynamics of health and wellbeing in our insulated artificial environments. As open energy systems, we are engaged in constant resonant and harmonic energy exchange with our environment where we are overwhelmed with disruptive energy dynamics from various sources of environmental stress (electro-magnetic radiation (mobile phones, WiFi...etc.), geopathic / terrestrial radiation, toxic building materials, and shape-caused disturbances from building structures and design elements).

Based on over three decades of scientific research, including clinical, double-blind and controlled, peer-reviewed and published research, and research with governmental and independent research institutions, the growing body of BioGeometry environmental research is continuously showing that the introduction of BioGeometry environmental solutions is strongly linked to the balancing of bioelectrical activity, reduction of physiological stress markers, improved quality-of-life indicators, and improved immune function with biological systems.

BioGeometry environmental home solutions (BG-EHS) are a core application of the science of BioGeometry, and are based on its applied research and development, across various types of environments and geographical locations. This work has shed light on the background energy- quality interactivity between the various sources of stress in our environment –electromagnetic radiation (EMR), geopathic-stress (terrestrial radiation), building materials, and shape-caused disturbances from structure and design elements- and their connectivity and impact on our own open energy systems within our home environments. The BG-EHS work is based on a “home- centric” approach that recognizes our energetic inter-connectivity with our home environments as an integral component of our quality-of-life and wellbeing.

BioGeometry is not a form of medical diagnosis or treatment; rather, it is a forward-thinking, holistic environmental science, with an immediate applied precautionary and preventative approach, aimed to preserve our quality-of-life in the face of the unprecedented modern technologically stressed world that we live in. BioGeometry Environmental Home Solutions geometrically enhance home environments to harmonize environmental stress factors and introduce the positive effects researched within the BG Environmental Research Portfolio. Kindly find the DropBox link to the BG Environmental Research Portfolio HERE.

BG-EHS Service Description

The BioGeometry Environmental Home Solutions Service (BG-EHS) is a complete and fully customized BioGeometry environmental harmonization service for your home. BioGeometry energy-quality measurements (BG-EQM), which involve the detection of resonant and harmonic energy patterns from all environmental sources exerting stress on biological functions, provide specific environmental energy-quality assessment for each home to tailor the solutions implemented. All environmental energy disturbances are identified, and specific BioGeometry energy-quality balancing solutions are applied within an overall environmental framework solution for the entire home. BG-EQM’s are conducted using a proprietary system of pendular BioGeometry measurement techniques and tools (not to be confused with mental “dowsing”) that are based on scientific harmonic principles and antenna theories, whose accuracy has been confirmed based on correlation with the traditional quantitative measurements used for assessment within the BioGeometry research portfolio.

Based on the above, the BG-EHS service involves the specific calibration and placement of BioGeometry shapes and tools across all areas of the home, depending on the level of service. The clear plexi-glass BioGeometry shapes and tools are small in size and are designed to fit seamlessly within any living space and home design, and do not require any maintenance. Centralized, specific, and layered (back-up) BioGeometry energy-quality balancing solutions are implemented across the main areas of electromagnetic radiation (EMR), building materials, geopathic / terrestrial radiation, structure and design elements, and water vitality. This offers a harmonized and humanized energy-quality balanced living environment.

BG-EHS Service Levels

1. BG-EHS Introductory & Basic Home Consultations:

BG-EHS Consultations are available to provide introductory and basic levels of BG environmental harmonization, and can be an interim step to the standard BG-EHS Core service level and the further enhanced Premier service level. BG-EHS Consultations range from a one (1) hour quick introductory consultation to a three (3) hour basic home consultation. Independent licensed BG- EHS Practitioners provide preliminary home consultations & assessments to design the most effective and efficient BG-EHS services across different budget levels for your home.

2. BG-EHS Core Service:

The Core BG-EHS service is the standard BG-EHS service level providing full environmental harmonization across all the main areas of environmental concern. At least two layers of centralized BioGeometry environmental harmonization shapes / solutions are installed in the home, and reinforced with specific corrections across the main areas of electromagnetic radiation (EMR), building materials, geopathic / terrestrial radiation, structure / design elements, and water vitality. The Core BG-EHS Service can usually be implemented in 1 days for standard size homes.

3. Premier BG-EHS Service:

The Premier BG-EHS service level builds on the above Core service level to provide enhanced BG environmental home harmonization. Three layers of centralized BioGeometry environmental harmonization shapes / solutions are installed, and specific corrections are implemented across every aspect of the home. The Premier BG-EHS Service can usually be implemented in 2 days for standard size homes.

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